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Costuming Hall of Fame

American Duchess
American Duchess (blog)
American Duchess Shoe Shop
American Duchess (tumblr)
Historical costuming mostly from Georgian to Edwardian eras. Lots of great tutorials eg. how to make period hairdos. She also have a shoe shop that sells period correct shoes based on extant examples from respective era.

The Aristocat
A Finnish costume enthusiast. I'm at a loss of words when describing how talented she is. Her creations are just awe-inspiring. Lots and lots of pictures.

Bridges on the Body
Corsets! Her goal is to sew all the corsets from "Corsets and Crinolines" by Norah Waugh. Currently she's hosting the 1911 corset sew along.

Really extensive costume portfolio and lots of instructions and sources.

The Dreamstress
Professional seamstress with extensive costume collection. Lots of tips and good advice and costumes from different eras.

Historical Sewing
Good advice and lots of how-to's.

Katherine's Dress Site & Koshka the Cat
Katherine's Dress Site: Reproduction Historic Fashion and Fashion History
The Fashionable Past (blog)
Katherine's Journal (livejournal)
Collection: My Costumes (flickr)
Katherines costume pages and blogs. Her creations are absolutely stunning. She uses a lot books by Norah Waugh and Janet Arnold among others, so these are the first pages to check when I'm planning on sewing from the same books.

Jenni's Historically Dressed

Jenny La Fleur
JennyLaFleur @ Blogspot
Jenny La Fleur's Costumes
Jenny La Fleur's Titanic Fashion
Also very comprehensive costume collection. And a separate site about Rose's dresses and other Titanic stuff.

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd & Foundations Revealed
Great resource for historical costuming. You have to pay a member fee to view most of the contents, but there's some free articles too. Foundations Revealed is a sister site to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and it's all about corsets. 

Some other really great ones

Costumers's Guide to Movie Costumes
Stills from every costume film you can imagine. Great place to look for inspiration if you want to recreate a movie costume or if you are just looking for tips of what costume movie to watch next.

Dressmaking Research
I'm not sure how to categorize this one, but it seems to offer primary source material from period magazines and books etc. that contains dressmaking instructions.

Festive Attyre

Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage (blog)
Vintage style. She recently had a colour theory week, which should be interesting to anyone interested in sewing and improving your wardrobe. Direct link to colour post here.

Tailor Drews
Bjarne Drews' hjemmeside
A Danish history enthusiast. His 18th century creations are stunning.

Wearing History
Wearing History (blog)
Mostly vingage fashion, but occasionally older too. She also has a pattern store that sells patterns base or inspired by historical/vintage costumes.

Digital archives and photo collections

Abiti Antichi
Private, but extensive.

Art Renewal Center®
Paintings, good for searching inspiration.

British Photodetective
"Explains how information can be extracted from British photographs taken during the first half of the twentieth Century." Do you want to see how ordinary people looked 100 years ago? Check this!

Collections - V&A Images
Parts of the costume collection of Victoria & Albert Museum.

Fashion plate collection of Univertity of Washington.

Internet Archive
Digital Library online
Try different search words. This is a treasure chest. You can find eg. old dressmaking books from 19th and early 20th century digitalized and downloadable online. Or Macy's Spring/Summer 1911 Catalogue.

Kyoto Costume Institute digital archive. Extensive collection of western costume.

Lost Angeles County Museum of Arts, LACMA Gallery
"Vintage magazine cover and advertising art from the Golden Age of American Illustration"
Eg. McCall's Magazine Covers from 1902-36.

McCord Museum

Suomen kansallismuseo
Finnish National Museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Costume Institute

Tidens Tøj
Danish National Museum. Lots of patterns too.

Victorian and Edwardian Photographs

Sewing Instructions, Tutorials, Pattern Drafting Instructions

By Sidney Eileen
Really good corset making tutorials.

Dames à la Mode
How to use Google Books to find fashion plates

Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress
How to enlarge a pattern using PowerPoint

Ikat bag
Lots of tutorials about eg. pattern drafting

My Measuring Tape
How to make your own ironing ham


User reviews of commercial historical patterns.


La Couturière Parisienne
Lots and lots of costuming stuff: instructions, fashion plates, free patterns, costuming articles, etc.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Few downloadable pattern for men's 18th-century jacket and waistcoat. Patterns look clear and there's sewing instructions included.

Schnittmuster aus der Mode und Haus
Few patterns from 1910's in German.

The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion
Articles, patterns from 1850-1910's, needlework instructions.


Patterns from 1700-1950, concentrating on the last three decades of 19th-century. Many of the patterns can be found in Frances Grimble's costuming books. But this is a good alternative if you don't want to enlarge and scale patterns yourself.

Au Fil du Temps
Clothign and embroidery patterns from 1830's to 1960's. They have eg. patterns from old La Mode Illustrée, La Modiste Parisienne.

Burda carries also some historical patterns. Not really authentic looking though, last choise for me at least. They also have some downloadable free patterns for modern clothes here.

Past Patterns

Patterns from the Past
Here you can also find lots of links to other places selling historical patterns.

Patterns for costumes from 18th century to 1950's. You can also choose a downloadable e-pattern and save shipping costs and time. I've been happy with their patterns, but I've heard some negative feedback also. Everybody don't agree whether their patterns are historically correct or not.

They have the best historical patterns of the big commercial pattern companies.

Your absolute first choice for patterns from 1830-1900's. They come with clear instructions how to alter the pattern to fit just you. Great photo gallery.

Vintage patterns (ca. 1930's-) in reproduction.

Wearing History
Historical and vintage style patterns inspired or based on historic period originals.


Corset-maker that also sells corset supplies. Located in Boutique 18, in Punavuori, Helsinki. I buy almost all my corseting stuff here; bones, busks, grommets... They also carry historical accessories like parasols and lace gloves. Webstore delivers everywhere in Finland.

Canadian. Wide selection.

Lankatavaratalo - Kauhavan Kangas-Aitta Oy
Mostly yarns.

Enormous fabric and sewing supplies store in London. Good webstore and they also have millinery supplies.

The wides selection of sewing supplies in Helsinki center.

The best sewing supplies store in Helsinki. Sadly it's situated in Itäkeskus, so never my first choice when I need something. 

Fabric stores

Swedish 18th century reproduction fabrics. Pretty expensive, but would be worth the price if I could afford it. Good photo gallery.

"Odds and Ends"
Costuming pages full of alls kinds of stuff, if you have patience to sort it out. I haven't had time yet :)

Elizabethan Costuming Page

Fashion History Costume Trends and Eras, Trends Victorians - Haute Couture

The Costume Gallery Websites- home page

The Costume Page

The Costumer's Manifesto: Your Free One-stop Site for Costume Information & Images

Victorian Clothing | Victorian Dress | Victorian Fashion

Hats and hair

A Frolic through Time
Hairstyle Tutorial: A 1909 Edwardian Coiffure

Beading Project

Edwardian Promenade
Lady Mary inspired hairstyle tutorial. This is really nice, I've tried it a few times and it's easy and looks pretty.

Hair (1910's)

How to do the Edwardian Elegance Hairstyle

Millinery techniques -How to make a Hat

Roaring Design: blog #256 >> How to Pin a Hat Pin

Village Hat Shop Gallery

Online stores, Home page, Victorian Dress- Bustle Dress, Victorian Costume, Vintage Clothing, Vintage Clothes

Ladies' Fashions

Ladies' Victorian Clothing and Living History Accessories

Lavender's Green - Reenactment Clothing – Vintage Reproduction Clothes – Civil War Clothing – Pioneer Clothing – Edwardian Clothing

Maggie May's Historic Clothing


Roses and Teacups Unique Handmade Victorian Gifts


Victorian Hat Pins

Victorian Jewelry - Victoria's Jewelry Box Victorian Era Costume Dress
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