1. toukokuuta 2012

It's Vappu!!...and some sneak peeks before next Saturday

I've finished my corset cover, but I'll blog about it later. Right now I've got other things to do, before next Saturday, which is a special day for my sister!
Here are some sneak peeks:
My sister asked me to make this for her. 
And what I'm going to wear...
My Titanic sinking dress based on Sense & Sensibility pattern.  
American Duchess Pemberley shoes with some decoration.
I'm gonna wear my hair in a Titanic era style and I consider making some kind of hair decoration too.

Yesterday and today we were celebrating the May Day or Vappu as it's called in Finnish. We had the most perfect weather one could hope, warm and sunny. Since it's not uncommon to snow on Mayday, this vappu was a dream. In Finland vappu is kind of a general spring carnival, there's something for everybody. It is the day for students and academics as well as for workers. 
Go and check out pictures of vappu here. Yesterday we went to watch how Havis Amanda (a statue/fountain in Helsinki centre) got her student cap once again. Today we had picnic in Kaivopuisto park, and it was so full of people, like a sea of white caps. And of course one can't have vappu without sparkling wine!

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