28. helmikuuta 2012

1912 Project Update

I'm still waiting for my first pattern. But I don't mind since I'm so busy with the moot court.

Meanwhile I've been able to adore the garments other participants are producing. I love them all! Specially the pleated blouse and the princess slip. I want one too.

I've been thinking that if my group haven't gotten any patterns by the middle of march, I might request some other pattern just to get started. The written phase of the moot court ends then and I need to clear my head with some sewing.

vpll 1912 project

4. helmikuuta 2012

1911 corset progress

I'm a lot behind in the 1911 corset sew along. I've just had loads of other sewing to do. I went to my first larp (live action role play) in January and had to sew a regency dress for that in a week. I'm also had to finish my sister's ball gown before the ball. She finally came back from Japan and we did some fitting few weeks ago and then last week I went to Jyväskylä to finish it. I must say I'm quite happy with it. I And of course, I have studied or at least tried to study, too :)

I'm using the pattern from Corsets & Crinolines. So far I have enlarged and altered the pattern, lengthened it and added notches. So next step would be to do the mock-up, maybe I have time to start with it tomorrow. I also finally made me a pair of lacing strips. Can't believe I haven't made them earlier, because I used them when making a corset bodice for my sister's ball gown and it made fitting so much easier.
Pattern pieces taped together.
Pattern pieces widened and lengthened. And yes, I did recycle a catalog of a local department store :)
Close-up on notches.
My lacing strips. Still few grommets missing, but my hands got weary.
I got my little parcel from Sew Curvy. I love the way some places wrap your order, it makes internet shopping feel so much more personal. I ordered only some twill tape, boning channel and floss since they were a lot cheaper than here and we got that extra sew along discount. I would have ordered boning too, but it would had increased shipping costs so much that I wouldn't have saved anything. So I went to get rest of the stuff from Belle Modeste. I found out that they carry garter clips too, so that problem solved. I just love that shop, they had the cutest little dog called Elviira. I usually don't feel that comfortable with dogs, I can't say I don't like them though. I think some are cute and can be nice, but still I usually keep my distance. Well, this one, she was so fond of attention that I had scratch it all the time while waiting my purchase.
My petite parcel form Sew Curwy.
I didn't buy a new busk, but actually decided to use one I already had. It's the one I bought for my first corset ever some 8 years ago. Back then I knew only one shop in Helsinki (that means in whole Finland) that had corset supplies, it's very likely that it was the only one that had any. They only had busks in one size, 28 cm, it was some 10 cm too short for my corset, but I bought it and used it and later replaced it with a longer one I ordered from Farthingales. Since then it has been waiting for a new corset to put it in. In sew along supply list it says 9" or 10" busk. I know this is a bit longer but since I have a long back I think it'll do fine.

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