21. tammikuuta 2012

This is why I love Finnish winter

I'm spending most of this week-end in library practising how to write an application to the European Court of Human Rights. Because that's what we'll have to do when the moot court competition I'm participating begins in few weeks.

So no costuming this week-end. But thought, I'd just share with you some photos I took last night and this morning. They are no award-winners but I think they capture the essence of what I think is most beautiful in winter. Everything covered in soft powder snow and more on the way.

I'm happy I don't own a car though :)

about 22.30 last night

about 8.20 this morning

20. tammikuuta 2012

Links updated

I just updated my links page. It is now also fully translated, so everything should be in English.

I have lots of costuming links saved and I add bookmarks all the time I find something new. There's still a lot to sort out, but I've added the best I've found so far.

As you can see, many of the new links have something to do with my latest obsession, the Titanic / Teens Era :)

And if you know some really great ones I haven't got yet, feel free to post them in the comments.

17. tammikuuta 2012

[Costuming links] Pinterest

I've long wanted a place where I can collect all nice costume pictures without having to download them all into my computer. I considered tumblr-blog, but you can't really organize the pictures with that.

Then I found Pinterest. It's like an online pinboard. And you can organize pictures anyway you like.

You can find my boards here. I started with just a few boards and now I have 28. I have own boards for costumes from different eras, for fashion plates, for period photographs, for movie costumes, etc. My primary objective with Pinterest is to collect pictures I find inspiring for later use. It's also good with sharing and I follow a bunch of people there, who post pictures I like.

Do you have a Pinterest account? I can sent an invite if somebody would want one. Not sure how it works, though, if you get to join right away or if you do have to wait.

6. tammikuuta 2012

New Year's Resolutions

This year is going to be a Titanic year!

I'm participating the 1911 corset sew along organized by Bridges on the Body.

I'm also participating the 1912 project organized by Vintage Fashionista. It's really good timing, because I have my own ever-ongoing project to slowly transform the insides of my closet to more 1910's and Downton Abbey inspired.

I'm also making a Wanhojen tanssit (kind of a really formal prom) gown for my little sister. It's on hold until she gets back from Japan, where she's spent the last eight months as an exchange student. It's going to be a two-piece gown in mauve satin. The bodice is a slightly boned corset with lacing at the back and the skirt has three layers black tulle on the satin. So far the skirt is almost finished, but to make the corset ready I need to try it on her.

As model and inspiration I used these two pictures from Belle Modeste: the corset and the skirt.

It seems it's going to be a busy spring, because on top of all my sewing projects, I'm participating the Nordic Moot Court on the European Convention on Human Rights. It means that at times it will come first, but nevertheless, my New Year's Resolution for 2012 is that I will write here more regularly and post more pictures.

Looking back to 2011

I was very productive last year. I think I finished more costumes than I've ever finished all together. That's mostly because for once I had place to wear those costumes. I regret that I have very little photos of any of the events I attended in costume.

But anyway here's a list what I made and where I wore it:

I'm dancing early dances and baroque dance in a dance group called La Porte du Temps (in Finnish only). It's lead by Maria Hostikka-Ala-Kihniä, one of the very few baroque dance professionals in Finland. We had a performance at Sofia's Day in May. Sofia's Day is a history event organized by Helsinki City Museum on Sofia's name day in 15.5. every year. There's always lots of program in Senat's Squere area in Helsinki center. This year we were part of a dance performance called Helsinki through the ages. We started the show with renaissance Pavane, Galliard and Canario and baroque Sarabande pour une femme, La Folia, La Bourgogne and Subligny's Menuet. We were followed by a Swedish menuet group called Menuett Akademien and a Finnish folk dance group Seurasaaren kansantanssijat.

I made two costumes for the event: the 1770's polonaise from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1 and an
undated renaissance gown of purple velvet.

In June I finished my Chemise à la Reine and wore it in the Les Lumières event called Washington Assembly (in Finnish only). And a Sense & Sensibility 1914 Afternoon Dress which I wore at We   Helsinki event on Midsummer's Day. We   Helsinki is a kind of a dance hall event organized maybe four five times a year. It's kind of a bar, but hey play Finnish "schlagers" from 1930's-70's and people dance waltz, tango, humppa, foxtrot... It's really fun.

In July I finished another dress by Sense & Sensibility, the 1910's Tea Gown. And I wore it at Ropecon ball.

During fall I made some accessorises for my newly found vintage evening dress, which I wore at my student organizations annual dinner. I made a small purse, a fascinator and a belle époque styled evening cape.

And lastly I finished my 1870's bustle gown for a ball on Finland's Independence Day.

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