15. lokakuuta 2011

Going English

I'm back after a months more or less intensive studying for an exam in procedural law. I have decided to switch the language of this blog from Finnish to English, for various reasons:
- I decided that I don't really want to write about same things in two different blogs in two different language
- I prefer blogger to livejournal so I'd rather concentrate on this one. I'm nevertheless going to keep my LJ account, since there are some communities I still want to follow (but really I don't like the Russians who keep adding everyone as their friends, any ways to block them?)
- I'm pretty sure that anyone who ever reads this will undoubtedly understand English
- since most things that happen in the historical costuming world happen in English, I would feel more part of it than writing just for the few dozen Finnish-speakers who has ever given a thought to the subject
- majority of my costuming sources and costuming blogs, websites etc. I follow are in English, thus I usually think about costuming stuff in English. I started to get annoying to try to find Finnish names for that stuff, when there always isn't a corresponding one. Or if there is, it sounds silly and no one has ever heard it.
- I think there will still be some Finnish post in here and it'll take time before I get side tabs/pages translated

Despite my exam, I think I still have been pretty productive doing costuming. I try to post soon about progress in the 1870's bustle dress and about accessorises that I made for our student organizations annual ball.

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